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Scientists support Séralini

Donald R. Davis, USA

I am appalled by efforts to force withdrawal of the recent report by Gilles-Eric Séralini et al. in Food and Chemical Toxicology. Critics of the report should present their case in the normal way of science, by published argument
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Frederic Durand, France

Prof. Séralini’s personal views should not be used to discredit his rigour. Or, in the same way , it would cast doubt on the value of the previous results by pro-GMO
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Agnès Ducharne, France

I found paper understandable and clear. The main conclusions are well supported by the data and the limitations of the study appear clearly. Of course, this work raises numerous questions, but this is the case with
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Muller Fabbri, USA

I am sending you this note to express my full support to Dr Gilles-Eric Séralini’s publication in Food and Chemical Toxicology. This study has been conducted with rigorous scientific methods and despite the fact that its conclusions might
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Guillaume Ferlat, France

Prof. Séralini from the University of Caen (France) has recently published an article in Food and Chemical Toxicology, concerning the toxicity of genetically modified maize in rats. The long period of time achieved in this study is unprecedented and
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Michel Ferry, France

The paper of Prof. Séralini has considerable interest in that it gives results on the long-term effects on the health of rats of feeding Roundup Ready maize and Roundup. Such research has never been done over such a long
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Pascale Gisquet-Verrier, France

I am a neurobiologist working on memory. I use Sprague-Dawley rats, and I am used to building experimental paradigms. I was surprised by the dramatic effects reported by the media and decided to have a look at the paper
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Jean-Pierre Berlan, France

GMOs are patented. Patents are Terminator by law. Reproduction becomes the monopoly of the pesticide cartel which has taken over the seed industry. GMOs are patented pesticide clones. I support the work of Séralini and his colleagues. They have
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Walter A. Goldstein, USA

The results in article add new knowledge to our scientific literature. These include the surprisingly similar physiological response of the rats to all three treatments (Roundup, Roundup Ready maize, Roundup Ready maize + Roundup) relative to the control.
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Paul Deheuvels, France (1)

The purpose of this article is to provide my strongest support to G.E. Séralini, professor at the University of Caen. I learned that Prof. Séralini had carried out some comparative studies, which have had a considerable impact. To my
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