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Scientists support Séralini

Paul Deheuvels, France (2)

I have just learned that a small number of representatives of the six Academies (Science, Medicine, Technology…) have come together to release a joint statement regarding the study by Prof. Séralini. (more…)

Angelika Hilbeck, Switzerland

I take seriously. Attacks on scientists who highlight risks of GM plants are normal. It’s always the same industry-linked GM proponents who immediately try to defame the critical studies and their authors in a concerted campaign. This
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Seralini and science open letter

Séralini and colleagues are just the latest in a series of researchers whose findings have triggered orchestrated campaigns of harassment. Examples from just the last few years include Ignacio Chapela, a then untenured assistant professor at Berkeley, whose paper
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Dr Nancy Swanson, USA

I applaud Dr. Séralini’s courage in performing and publishing his work when he surely knew he would face an onslaught of unwarranted criticism and scrutiny. There has been a systematic effort to suppress all evidence of the harmful nature
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