This week UK citizens have an opportunity to find out more about the risks posed by GMOs in the food chain, hear expert evidence and challenge the UK government…


In the UK, the EU and the US, governments, regulators, GM industry and the researchers and media it influences, dismiss the idea that there are health risks associated with genetically engineered food. Yet its health risk evaluation is inadequate, and information that there are problems is sidelined. This week UK citizens have the chance to weigh up these risks for themselves in a UK wide series of meetings under the banner GM Health Risks Week.

Speakers from France, Denmark, the US, and the UK who have examined the health risks posed by GM foods will be sharing their alarming discoveries on a UK speaking tour between 2nd and 8th September.

They will attend public meetings in Edinburgh, London, Manchester and Newport, and also hold discussions with UK, Welsh and Scottish parliamentarians.

Ground breaking research exposing GM health risks ignored by UK authorities

Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini will present the results of his toxicology study on Monsanto’s GM maize (NK603) and Roundup herbicide. His long-term feeding study found organ damage, increased rates of tumours and premature death in rats fed genetically engineered maize.

The story was suppressed in the UK through intensive biotech industry lobbying efforts.

However, a scientific and public debate followed that led to announcements by the European Commission and French government in July 2013 that they were commissioning new long-term studies on the potential health risks of GM food and feed.

Stillbirths and malformation in GM fed pigs

Danish pig farmer, Ib Borup Pedersen routinely observed the detrimental effects of GM soy feed on his herd. He also noticed a relationship between Roundup herbicide residues and stillbirths and malformations in his pig litters.

Pedersen’s findings, released in April 2012, caused much discussion in Europe’s largest pig industry and led to the Danish government commissioning new research on the safety GM feed.

Other speakers at specific events include David Murphy and Lisa Stokke, the founders of Food Democracy Now! a citizens and farmers movement which campaigns on GM health risks in North America.

A challenge to the UK government to look at the evidence

GM Health Risks Week, which will directly challenge the UK government’s openly supportive stance on GM technology and disregard of the mounting evidence that GM foods and feeds pose health risks.

This year, government ministers led by Food and Environment Secretary, Owen Patterson announced their intention of forcing the EU to relax regulations on GM crops.

In addition, David Cameron pledged £395 million from the UK Aid budget to support private initiatives involved in spreading GM crops in Africa.

The US government is also trying to force GM food and animal feed into Europe through the US-EU free trade agreement, and looks to the UK as an ally in its negotiations.

Citizens Concerned about GM has played a leading role in bringing about GM Health Risk Week which has been organized by individuals, voluntary groups and NGOs who feel that the emerging information about the health risk posed by GM is being ignored by the UK government.

We are determined to give the public access to information about concerns and risk associated with GM technology.